End Time Events

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There is a lot of speculation as to how the world will end. Christian and non-Christians alike speculate that there will be a dooms day eventually. Here is the Christian perspective. God created the earth, and he planned on it to be a great sanctuary ran by him, with his supreme knowledge and power.

God’s creation, like most children do not know enough to know they can’t do what their parents do, and want to take over. So people wrestled the keys from God and took over the show. We have had some successes, but mostly failures. Once we have completely destroyed the world to the point where it is unusable, God and Man will have proved themselves. The world and everything in it will be wiped clean. Those that trust God and want to do things his way, will be placed back on earth, and one again earth will be a sanctuary of God without anyone via God for a leadership role. We will have all been there and done that. The new earth will be filled with peace and love.

To really understand end time events, you really should read Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Job, Daniel, Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and Galatians at a minimum. They are a quick read. The following videos, do not assume you have read these books, and start with no knowledge expected. You though can’t know if we are giving out fact or fiction without the background knowledge. Either way, these lessons are a real treat.

This is a Bible study on the prophet Daniel. His works are the foundation for revelation.
Are we at the end of time right now. Honestly I believe 2024 – 2027 time frame based on the events I see. The truth is, no one knows the day nor the hour. Christ will come as a thief in the night. There are are indicators that the time is near though. If you believe in Christ, and serve him, when he comes, is irrelevant. For you Christ comes when he comes, or when you die. If you don’t believe in Christ, this could be your last chance at eternal peace. If you die now, your chance to make him yours is over, if he you are alive, and he returns, you passed up your opportunity for his peace. All you have to do is say a prayer to Christ, dedicating your life to his service rather than your own, and read the Bible so that you may know what you need to do to serve him. He is wonderful and will forgive all you have done, no matter how vile, All you have to do is ask forgiveness and live only for him.

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