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Why is Salvation so important to us that we share the love of Jesus Christ and our Christian beliefs with everyone we meet?  Here it is in a nutshell, it is not because we are mean, but because we love everyone. Everyone will go to hell (A place where God’s grace and goodness does not exist. Only evil misery and greed exist there. This place is a trap where the evil of all, and all times is concentrated. Hope is permanently expelled, none who enter will ever leave).

We know Christ wants none of us to enter this dark realm. Christ is holding out a life line offering to pluck us out of the this one way trip into eternal hell. Christ though does not force us take us help. If you choose not to take his lead, you choose the patch of eternal torment that was was never meant for you. This path is designed for those who choose to live their own way, neglecting the dangers of evil of pursuing evil. The pursuits of earning a basic living and day to to day survival, cause us to not see the danger, nor the life line that will pull us from our destructive path. Misery loves company, and those that promote evil want to conceal that which is good, and even paint the good as loathsome and even enslaving.

Many portray Christians as mean for delivering this message. We Christians are only attempting to shed a light on impending, imminent, and eternal hardships that come from ignoring the path of truth, charity, and goodness provided to us by our creator. If we stay quiet, it would be like saying a mother not warning her child not to run out in front of trucks on the freeway. We Christians tell people of the impending danger because we want everyone spend eternity where hope, freedom and love for one another is deeper and wider than space itself.  Our love for others, and God’s command to spread his message are the reason we are so annoying to those who have other aspirations. Christians work hard to make sure everyone has heard about Christ, even if it means certain death to us by those who don’t want the message spread. Christians have been slayed in mass throughout history by those who do not want us to be heard. We will persist until all of us are eradicated, but as a group we will be for as long as time persists. John Bunyon’s Pilgrims Progress will shed light on our story.  We want everyone to know about Christ’s great offer of hope for all.  There are no other reasons for our message, and we are sworn to spread the message, and to force no one to accept it. It is up to you to decide if Christ is real, and if you are willing to join us is this mission of saving others from eternal torment. This torment, is not a fire constantly stoked by God, it is a torment of living with the worst politicians, In-laws, and persnickety neighbors with out any chance at social distancing or even a fence. This formidable place is sequestered by God so that those who choose to deny him can live in permanent discord fueled by their own ambitions.  Surrounded by billions of people, yet lonely as hell.

Athena my wife and I are a product of the ever failing public school system, that obviously is not doing a perfect job of teaching science. Should the public school system have been doing its job correctly, we would not have any religious convictions other than those prescribed by the ministry of science. We would instead be bound by mans interpretation of the laws of science, and looking to the Government for our sustenance.

We do not buy the big bang theory of propagated by our friend Steven Hawking(of whom I admire greatly for his intellect and tenacity), nor is the primordial soup fed to us in fourth grade appetizing. Though interesting we needed something more and decided to research our origins for ourselves.

Everywhere we look, we find one thing in common with all successful nations, they all have, or have had, a primary religion in their culture at some point, and they all pray. We notice those who deny God, often find themselves praying to a deity during times of adversity. The naysayers seem to make empty promises such as  “if just only Lord”. It seems all mankind is looking to something greater than himself. Many scientist are peering into the galaxies looking for the aliens of superior intelligence. Some are looking to ghosts from beyond the grave and may have the ability to see through the dimensions. Others look to dynamo’s among men such as David Koreish, Buddha, Roman demigods, or presidents. We look to anyone who might have the magic words to make the world a better place.  Seems even in the United States, people prove this by voting to benefit their wallet, or other selfish passions.

With innate human desires in mind, it was time to explore religions, some from the east some from the west. People show up at my house riding bikes and dressed in suits and ties, they tell me about a savior and how I can eventually become a God (Not that being a God; would not totally turn me on). Others show up at the door offering me pamphlets “The Watch Tower” and a little book called the great Teacher. So I read all their books, but feel there must be something more.

I took the time to look at world history in college,  then took the time to look at western history, enrolled in Christian schools, and toured the United States. I discovered that where I live, God is a mythical notion, a word to use as a part of speech, or a being to be despised.  When a crises arises, these same people call someone who says they are a Christian,  “we are in trouble please ask God to help us;  figuring the Christian probably has a direct line to God. When the trouble passes, they call their Christian friends crazy because they believe in the unseen.  Christians live by strange laws; such as waiting to have sex until married, giving to the poor, and promoting the slogan “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve”. Others blame God and are mad at him, and when we boil down there reasons, it is often what someone else did while giving God undue credit.

Our travels revealed to me, that folks living in the central to Northern portions of the left coast are those who are militant against Christ, the rest of the Nation either loves Christ, are Cool on Christ, or have no real opinion. Larger cities who are wholly dependent on the government for their needs tend to shun God, as they need nothing, and his morality will only cramp their lifestyles.

I looked at many Holy scriptures, but I chose the Holy Bible as my guide, and Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Our  travels and study of History have made my faith in this book and its author stronger.  I am sure that someday the Bible will be totally obscured by science, and “Reason”. Science and reason have sought to destroy the biblical truth since the fall of man. Remember, science and reason are based only on what man is able to see. Man can only see a sliver of eternity.

Can you remember some of the ideas you had about things around you when you were a kid?  Think about some of the interesting ideas your kids have (had) to share. These memories make it easy to see how popular ideas surface; but equally wrong inferences, can be made from tangible evidence based on today’s limited facts.   That being said what does the Bible offer?

About the Author:

Darin attended Several public schools, and at least as many Bible based High Schools in the United States and Canada. Majored in Theology at Walla Walla College in College Place, Washington; and  eventually completed a degree in Law Enforcement and computer science. Athena is certified in ASL and had been a Christian all her life.  After 20 years marriage, and seeing the work of God in our  lives. Seeing prophesy unfold in the United States makes our commitment to the biblical standard stronger each and every day.  We believe more firmly that we were created by Jesus Christ, and that our family and our Nation is a gift from God, and to that end we worship him and have a duty to serve him. Currently we are traveling to country trying to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every corner of this great nation.

Reading and understanding the bible in simple terms is what devotional section of this site is about. We want to see the big picture as much as possible. We can’t do that without looking at the details from time to time. As a favorite business man once told me, you can do a flyover, but the devil is in the details, and he will get you when you least expect it.

With the Bible, we can really be in trouble if we only hear it from the pulpit, or we isolate our selves in a cage while reading it. We need each other. My favorite talk show host “The Bible Answer man –  Hank Hanegraaff” always says “Iron sharpens Iron”. This means, we have to test our thoughts and belief systems on other believers, and let them do this with us in order to become stronger, and sharper members of the body of Christ. You will need some tools See our page: “Reading the Bible for your worth”  to study the bible with us.