You can visit Black Lives Matter using this link. All about Black Lives Matter The things On this web site most of us agree with. Being good and fair to all U.S. dwelling people and travelers is not something any of us are arguing. We want everyone to have a chance at success, and not to be abused by others. Definitions of these ideas differ depending on our life experiences. What we don’t like is this groups shredding the very fabric of our society to get what they want. Major change takes time, and we need to use that time work out differences and try to bring about a world the this beneficial for everyone. We believe everyone needs a chance or three. We also believe you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink. In forcing the horse to drink the best you can hope for, is a drowned horse. The turn from racial protection to a Marxist revolution, will only lead to a dead nation that no one can revive.