Not everyday we get a peak at American History as our Great Grand Fathers learned it, and as I did in a rural secular public school in Eastern Oregon. Sadly, I don’t expect these videos to remain, they are not mine, and the revisionist who began re-writing our history books in 1926, hate these videos. I have linked over to youtube to bring them all together in one place for now. If you like any of these, I suggest you buy the DVD’s for your library as they will go away. I will try to maintain these links as they change, but over time, they will be removed by the source if for no other reason than age. Look on Youtube and search on this guys works, though he is human and fallible, there are errors, but his work over all is right on. David Barton has PHD level Theological degree Life Christian University. His passion is Christ, and History. More on the BIOS of the people in these videos can be found here