2020 A World in Turmoil

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A few years back a concept showed up in a church service I was attending called Social Justice. The gist of it was that the world is unfair. Some people due to race, color, sexual preference, Gender diversity, low income groups and such are a direct result of purposeful subversion of those who are in the in crowd. This crowd would be the solid middle class, white, straight, and primary Christian.

The speakers assertion was that Jesus does not believe in hurting people, but helping everyone. He would therefore not stand for social inequality. So far we have little to argue about if we are talking about inequality.

People are purposely holding people back, like they often did to some groups of humans in the United States before the 1980’s, and perhaps a few losers that might have some power to do today.

Helping people get on their feet, know God, and partake in his blessings are what Christians are about. It is important to find a church where that is is the message. The speakers solution to the problem is what was suspect, and prompted me to search for another group of believers. He was calling on believers to protest the police, protest businesses that hired on merit rather than the applicants need, to ignore their work history. Social Justice demands flat income for those who cannot or will not work, in order to relieve the homeless problem. He also asked that we petition The United States to move to a one world government orchestrated by the U.N. and implement world wide socialism. This would force world wide peace, and thus eliminate socioeconomic classes garnering equal education, equal access to medical care, and eliminate the rich and the poor. The Bible says if a man is willfully avoiding work, he should not be fed. Man was built to work, and man was built to create. Man is also ordered by God to help others, work hard, and have mercy for all.

I Cringed at the sermon, thought the pastor needed a mental health evaluation and figured the young mans dream would soon fade as reality set in at some point. For years, things were mostly quiet. Then along came 2020.

Civid-19 hits, and the Government takes an extreme approach to the virus unlike any seen before. They shut down the entire world, except Sweden and a few other minor countries. This has never been done before. Why all the fuss? Swine flue not a bother (Lots of Press), SARS No bother (lots of Press). The president was given advice he would take and be called a fool, he would rescind the order we was told by congress to give and again be called a fool. As of this writing the United stated still can’t maintain a steady mantra on what the citizen should do. The press is having a field day. They are scaring people to death, pointing out that wealth, skin, color and religious beliefs are determining risk factors. They now tell people gatherings of 10 or more are illegal unless you protesting. To get out, we protest injustice. Protest necessitate crowds, crowds become Mobs, and the streets become government sanctioned war zones. Mayor Wheeler of Portland Oregon, and the Oregon State chief law makers staffers are out there with him. Social just is the game, fueled by a group called Black Lives Matter which according to the New York Post is a Marxist organization. The same foundation of the German Socialist movement, and Russian Communism.

These groups desire what we all desire

Clean air
Forests that have their natural beauty
The world to be natural
Justice for all
Equal opportunity for everyone to be able to realize their dreams

They also promise these things, which we all want, but have not been able make work globally

  • Controlled capitalism – Government has huge financial and regulatory interest. (I like a free market economy myself.)
  • Free College to everyone who wants it – (I think Career choice would based on aptitude by an exam and school boards opinion – Student gets no choice in life career. That should make happy people)
  • Free Health Care
  • Base pay for everyone, working or not
  • Equal pay for all – Extinguish religions that don’t mesh with the government and desires of the people
  • Little or no Law Enforcement.
  • Everyone would be a happy family so law not needed
  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature
  • Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  • Unite humanity with a living new language
  • Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason
  • Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts
  • Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court
  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials
  • Balance personal rights with social duties
  • Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite
  • Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature

Global Climate Change is the reason for lack of Social Justice, and inequity each of us can solve this problem by hitting the global reset button and a one World Government will enforce the following:

  • Everyone switch to renewable energy – no fossil fuel
  • Save energy at home
  • Unplug Everything when not in use. – Better get good at programming appliances
  • Move your fridge to the coldest place in the house
  • Cook with gas – So much for eliminating fossil fuels
  • Heat one room at lowest setting, wear coat
  • Buy lots of small kitchen appliances, they are more energy efficient thaqt using the stove
  • No freezer bags, no plastic shopping bags
  • Never heat laundry water over 100, never pre-wash, always hang on line; no drier
  • Share or rent everything. It takes a lot of energy to makes thing you don’t use everyday. (Now I have to use energy to borrow the item)
  • Clean out Your email, Do not look at anything on the internet unless your work demands it. Bandwidth requires more wasteful equipment.
  • Never fly – if you need to fly, your traveling too far from home
  • Never travel more than 15 minutes by bicycle from home – If you can’t get there in 15 minutes don’t go. The planet can’t afford it.
  • No more consumption of meat – Poultry, pigs and cattle are mostly fed with soya, which has grown on Brazilian soil – and tropical rainforest was previously found on these areas.
  • Create civil disobedience – ” Fridays for Future has become a huge movement in which people regularly take to the streets to demonstrate for more political action to protect the climate. And Extinction Rebellion is using civil disobedience and non-violent resistance, setting up blockades in cities across Europe. Join them and take a stand for the climate today!”
  • Limit children to one or less per couplehttps://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/13/climate/climate-change-child-health.html

The top founders want to accomplish this by
Establish One world Government organizing single rule of law to protect the environment
Government of socialized capitalism regulated by United Nations
Equality for all who agree with their means of accomplishing these things

Who is behind the one world government and pushing the United States and other countries into KAOS?

  • These groups have a Four pronged strategy.
  • Number one, capitalize on Global Climate Change get the message out to everyone. We all need a healthy earth.
  • Number Two, Get people in the government that support the socialist agenda. George Soros financed governors, mayors, DA’s, senators and so on by funding the political action committee. These people now work for him.
  • Number 3, World Economic Forum pushes social justice and climate change initiatives, and calls for a one world government. Causes people to dislike other people groups using Covid.
  • Number 4, Leverage the medial and social networking to incite civil unrest. Black Lives Matters, Antifa, and reset.org are the major players. There are many more.

These steps have been launched, there is now world wide civil unrest, and the United States is in trouble too. We are all powerless to stop the insanity. We are losing Cities and forest and the media is telling the people they caused it by ignoring global climate change. Hmm.

What are we hearing?

Does Marxism work? (To say the least, the human price is high)

Looking ahead, once the dust has cleared, Marxism is the future government model, built by people hoping to gain peace. They will nullify the constitution by changing the meaning, or getting a 2/3 vote to remove it. The far left groups like BLM, United Nations, World Economic Forum, Lawmakers who are put in office by the political action committee, and many others will eventually run the world.

The Explanation of what we are enduring today. Where we cam from and where we are going is best explained in the amazon prime video below. Purchase this movie if you have to, it really puts everything into perspective.

This idea of creating civil unrest through protests, rioting, big government taking advantage of bad situations, and big business capitalizing on new normal sets the entire world up for total KAOS. The total KAOS will scare all of us into submission.

Most people think of the European Union, specifically Germany as the role model for the new one world government. I have a gut feeling that the U.K. has more of the worlds attention and looks like a positive role model. Britain, may infact become the figure head with the Chinese being the real driver behind all that goes on.
Everyone will go along with this in that Britain will look like the angel in human rights.
China does not know much about human rights, but has financial control of the modern world.
Religious people are becoming slaves if they fail reprogramming efforts.

This will spread across the globe and some of us will be killed or put into camps or slavery. Dissenters of the new revolution would spoil the new found world peace.
This new plan for human rights, will be welcomed by the masses, as religious zealots will in be seen as the aggressors in that they lobby for radical Biblical values. The Bible, has clearly shown us what is coming and how it will play out. I have put together extensive information that you can look at to see the end game. God does not tell us when he is coming back, but he gives us the signs to look for. These signs are here to encourage our faith, that we may no he is in charge.

My stance is know God, Know eternal Peace. Bless everyone, most know nothing good of God. Show God’s grace, pray they understand, and forgive them if they don’t. Jesus ask God to forgive his aggressors on the cross. He has given us that same command.

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