Covid – 19 Numbers Western States

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populationcases to DatepercentLocationShelter In Place CurrentCivil Mask SuggestedWalmart typesStores like Safeway, Super OneContact TracingDrive Thru TestingSurge Testing(Self Testing /No symptoms needed)Face Shields allowedNotes
    328,200,0005,840,0001.78%United States
        45,739.00                   2120.46%Bonner CountyNoNoYesNoNoYesNoYes 
      522,798.00          5,124.000.98%Spokane CountyNoYesYesYesYesYesNoYes
      838,625.00          6,911.000.82%Snohomish CountyNoYesYesYesYesYesNoYes
        40,224.00940.23%Clatsop CountyNoYesYesYesYesNoNoYes 
347,818                3,6241.04%Marion CountyOrNoYesYesYesYesYesNoYes
1,671,00017,4061.04%Alameda CountyYesYesYesYesYesYesCurrentYes
636,23510,4351.64%Utah CountyNoYesYesYesNoYesNoNoMask must allow no air to pass around them, If breathing is easy mask is wrong. (
4,573,3101320002.89%Mericopa county(Arizona)NoYesYesYesNoYesCurrentYesMedical Grade Masks not recommended, in short supply 
21,0984962.4%La Paz County (Quartzsite)NoYesYesYesNoYesCurrentYes
328,200,000     35,500,00010.82%2019 United States  Flue Season – 490,600 Hospitalized – 32,400 Dead
309,000,000     57,000,00018.45%2008 United States Swine Flue we mostly ignored –
Scroll to the right to see regulations as of August 27th, 2020

Last two rows are non covid-19, but are causing people to question our sanity right now. We compare to the common flue, and Swine Flue in 2008. Many are saying this virus is being hyped in the media to force the world into believing a one world government is the only way to bring peace. Things are now at a point where people are shooting people in the streets to propel a cause that seems relatively inconsistent in its terms.

The powers such as World Economic Forum state they are using the stress of Covid-19 to further racial divide, and incite natural violence to protect the environment and create true social justice. China and the World Health Organization seem to have a stake in the game, president Trump has his ideas involving NATO, but we have not heard from NATO in these matters recently.

This is just another virus, yet it does seem to be more divisive in world politics than any before. Will the world fall under one government, as the book of Revelation suggest, or will happen at some other point? Is this virus just one more shot across the bow, that shows us just how quickly human attitude can change? How quickly society can crumble when people are upset and confined? Either way, elect Christians need not fear, we must stand strong and spend our time showing the love of God any way we know how.

No matter how we look at prophesy the time is short for us, God only designed us to last 70 to 80 years. Psalms 90:10. That is not much time to learn God’s word, mature, and share it. For me the jury is out on when people actually mature, I have not met anyone I would say is entirely mature. Maturity is certainly not me!

We all need to not force God on others. God chooses those he will invite to follow him. His choice is likely based on their willingness and capacity to follow him when all hell brakes loose. Our Job, is to show God’s goodness to those who will observe. Christians are to guide those who want to follow God to the information they need to have a relationship with him. We want to gently bring people to the knowledge of God, so that none who could be saved would be lost. People being permanently lost to evil, is my greatest fear in life. Do not fear for yourself, we will all suffer in this life.

Safety and justice on earth on earth is defined by those in charge, and those in charge are not fulfilled. Eventually everyone who does not know Christ will suffer for all eternity. These people have no hope, no matter who they put in charge. God will allow those who reject him to go on with out him in the natural course of evil. Those that anchor themselves in Jesus Christ will suffer on earth along with everyone else, but they have hope in an eternity living in true peace with God, who is the author of peace, love, and ultimate justice.

We have compiled a great deal on future events, read about what is come

If this does not peak you interest start here at the beginning of the man’s history. After you have read this book to learned what it has to offer, and pondered the wise advise for every aspect of life, think about it. No one man could have possibly combined this much wisdom into one book written 2,000 years ago.

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