Genesis 1:2 Without Form and Void

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Genesis 1:2 Without Form and Void

” 2. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ”  

 Here we get a description of God approaching a mass of something. Many Bible believing scientist will tell us it was a nondescript mass of rock, or gasses said to be without form and void. Others believe God was saying there was nothing there, until he created it.  Many Christians like the idea that the mass was solid rock, or mineral based; this helps explain the millions of years that carbon dating often shows in rocks. People, Christians included, try to bend what they see as correct, around what the Bible says. People feel that since scientist are the educated ones, they must be right. Christians decide that the Bible must not mean what it says since scientist disagree, and there would have to be another explanation.  Making the Bible fit science; marginalizes God, and may even insinuate that God is a liar.

If we observe a 2-year old’s view of a world and his view of science we can learn a lot. Our experience with our two-year old, we are sure was not unique. We told her the trees would lose their leaves in the fall. She looked around and observed the leaves were healthy and green every day in her memory, there for she said “No they will Not” Her scientific evidence disproved our statement. Sure her scientific method was not well-developed yet; as she was only two.

We as humans, have been writing down, and really only giving credence to modern science extending back a thousand-years. None of us have been around more than 100 years so our record is limited. Scientists tell us the earth is millions of years old, so just how small of a slit in time is a thousand years when it comes to knowledge? Our God tells us he has been around before our earth was created, and he says he created it.  Scientists are doing their best to prove God wrong. They have been carbon dating rock to millions of years. They study rocks such as these new rocks from Mt. Saint Helens. They cannot tell the difference in blind dating test between these 20 and 30-year-old rocks from ancient rocks.  It is like dating the age of water that has been frozen and unfrozen. There are a lot of factors that carbon dating depends upon. One of those is decaying organic matter and how fast it releases isotopes. Where the rock was located over the years, and its environment, will all weigh in on the date we come up with. We have a lot more to learn about science, before we can definitively conclude there is no God. For those who like technical detail, here is a book written by a supporter of carbon dating, and how it could actually prove a young earth. Thousands Not Billions

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