Reading the Bible

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Find a Bible you can read comfortably

The first and the most important book we need for Bible study is our Bible. I have read the King James in its entirety, (Took forever, Old English is not a quick read for me.) I read the New King James, but it still is low on the readability scale. Since I hear it every day contemporary English is more easily understood. Some love the King James,  My wife loves the NIV study Bible, I have read the NIV through a few times, but I still prefer an even simpler version.  The New living works perfectly for my taste. I prefer function over form, and really dislike having to do a ton of research to get the basic points. I have laid all the mentioned versions out side by side and found only non-material differences.  I have also laid out Greek and Hebrew Versions using tools that translates the older languages to English. In the end, we determined that the Bibles our family is using are accurate and worthy of reading and study. We believe that when a concept is difficult to understand, it is useful to read the surrounding chapters, then read the  text in several of the versions. 

It seems the the Bible you find the easiest to read, is the best version, any other version is just likely to gather dust. You can try several versions out at Bible Gateway free of charge. Just select the version you are interested in from the drop down box.

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