I Don’t Care What You Do, I Love you Anyway

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You say I can’t love someone because of their skin color. That’s absurd, God made everyone, and everyone is Beautiful. You say I can’t love someone who is Gay, Trans, and adulterer, or a murderer. That’s not true, I love everyone. I will try to avoid being hit upon, as I am a married man. I will avoid being murdered if I can, it’s called self defense, as I hate pain, but I still love the person who thinks they need to murder me. I will not tell people these things are good to do, but I do love them just the same. To have a better understanding of where I am coming from watch this video. Don’t look to me for Righteousness, but Christ. I only share what I share because I want you to know Christ. Christ makes the troubles of this world easier to deal with n that we know in the end he is with us. What you believe he is asking of you, is between you and him. Christ did not make trash, he knows you and loves your right where you are.

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