Bible – Executive Summary

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  • All things are created by our Father God, and his Son Jesus Christ.
  • God created the earth in 6 literal days where everything was spoken into existence and each day was marked by a sunrise and a sunset as it is written in the book of Genesis is the Bible.
  •  Adam and Eve fell prey to original sin. Each subsequent generation of people are genetically disposed to evil and all have transgressed the law of God, and are subject to the penalty of breaking Gods law. (Eternal Death).
  • We believe that Jesus (Christ) aka God’s Son has made payment for the sins of all mankind and we can choose to be with God and Christ and reap the benefit of a fully paid debt, or we can decide that since sin is ours, we should pay the debt our selves.
  • Payment for that debt(Sin) is eternal death that occurs after a great resurrection of all man kind at the end of time. (All we have to do is believe in Christ, share his testimony in John 3:16, and live according to what is right by him and we will have eternal life . Jesus is our hope and rest. Some say Christians are mean because we tell them of the fact that they will go to hell and hang out with Satan,  if they do not love Christ. That is like saying a mother is mean telling her child not to run out in front of trucks on the freeway. We Christians tell people of the impending danger because we want to spend eternity with them. There is no other reason for our message.

The foreshadowing of what to come is clear, and will not be stopped. The earth has experienced one end of time at great the flood. All Mankind except Noah and his family were wiped out. The chosen race of God “Jewish Nation” experience a prototype of end time events in 70AD, and again with Nazi Germany. The main event, is yet to come. The stage is set, the powers that will bring about the final ending are currently posturing for the grand finally. Christ will end the war between good and evil once and for all. Christ will shutdown all the pomp and circumstance. Pride will become humility and all mankind will be resurrected from the dead. All will be ratified in decision to live with Christ, or die without Christ.