How to Have a Relationship With Jesus

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Christians are called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but in our day there is confusion about the content of the Gospel. The biblical Gospel is challenged not only by Roman Catholics and liberals, but by those who claim to be evangelical.

Simply put, in order to be of Jesus you must always Invite God into your life through his Son this is all that is required. Evidence that you have done this, id because Christ Loves you, you Study God’s word daily and do what you understand it to say. Finding a group of believers who also study Gods word is helpful. Other believers help you to remain strong in your faith, and better understand Gods word. Though it is possible to be a believer and not spend time with other believers, it is much more difficult. The is key that practicing the love of Christ with other believers makes you stronger, but you don’t look to them for righteousness, and love. That comes from Christ alone. Many have lost their faith by looking at the actions of other believers. We are all children of God, and like children we do terrible things from time to time. Looking at that we walk away. Again look to Jesus, study his word, and don’t impose your idea of his word on others. Believing in Christ is a one to one relationship. Jesus is the only judge, and since he is your friend, his death on the cross is all you need to know that he will overlook your honest blunders.

As the theme of this whole blog is Trust and Obey, there is no other way. Trust in Jesus, he has you covered.

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