What do Christians Believe

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1. God made us, God loves us, We do not live up to God’s expectations, but God is merciful. (Like a good Parent)

2. God gives us an invitation to live with him for eternity, but we have responsibilities as his children. Just as we had responsibilities in our homes when we were kids. If we love God enough to strive to meet those responsibilities we get to partake of his gift, if not, he cannot allow us to partake of his gift as we would belittle what he has done. If we do not meet our responsibilities to God but do our own thing instead, we are rejecting Gods gift. Gods gift of salvation can be ours at any time if we want to conform to his requirements. We do not do our works to be saved, Christ took care of that, we do what we do as Christians, because we are saved.

3. We have Responsibilities to the family of God, Keep the 10 commandments in Exodus 20. The first 4 teach us how to relate to God, the last 6 teach us how to relate to each other. The United States Constitution, and the law of our land are based on the 10 commandments. James Madison proclaimed this fact directly. Our responsibility does not end at commandment keeping. Commandment keeping is only an outline of how to love God. The bible says to be saved, we must love God and keep his commandment. God further commands us to feed those who can’t feed them selves,  he commands us to spread the gospel to all mankind and to treat all with love and respect. We have a responsibility to serve God, to serve our country, and to serve one another. By serving one another and serving out country we are serving God.

Our country worry’s me,  Christians for far too long have been letting the courts mis-represent the term “separation of church and state” as mentioned by Thomas Jefferson. This statement was made in a letter to a Baptist minister who was afraid the new government would shut his church down. Jefferson was affirming that the government would never mandate a religion, not that religion would be separated from the government. We have teachers being arrested in California merely for attending church as a public employee, prayer not being allowed by students in school, and religious land marks being forced from the public square. Please if you believe in Christ, take the time to learn who wrote our constitution, wrote your bill of rights, and learn who it is you are voting for.

It is our duty as Christians and retain the rights we have enjoyed since our founding fathers put together the constitution of the United States. Many men paid with their lives for the rights we as Christians have taken for granted. Our foolish misunderstanding of Separation of church and state left us unprotected, because we stayed out of government. 95% of our founders were Christians and they created our government, I would guess they would want Christians to participate in our government. Christians need to share their story, and stand up peacefully and teach the Gods word to all who will listen.