Kids Place

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Everything on these Bible sites is like boring adult stuff. No one remembers that kids like blogs too. Here we have compiled shows, just for you. Oh, if your 99, that’s fine, you can watch them too, as long as … Continued

Reading the Bible

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Find a Bible you can read comfortably The first and the most important book we need for Bible study is our Bible. I have read the King James in its entirety, (Took forever, Old English is not a quick read … Continued

Understanding the Bible

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When one reads the Bible, he is in danger of reading many things into the text that are not there. There are a number of ways this can happen. The primary reason is that when one reads the Bible, he … Continued

Covid – 19 Numbers Western States

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Many are saying this virus is being hyped in the media to force the world into believing a one world government is the only way to bring peace. Things are now at a point where people are shooting people in the streets to propel a cause that seems relatively inconsistent in its terms.